The Secretariat

Chief Executive Officer

Funmi Iyayi
Funmi Iyayi is the Chief Executive Officer of LACIAC.

Funmi is a legal practitioner licensed to practise in Ghana and Nigeria. She worked in the law firm of Aluko & Oyebode as a litigator and arbitration practitioner for several years, where she represented clients in arbitration proceedings as well as functioned as the secretary to arbitral tribunals. Thereafter she served as in-house Counsel in one of Nigeria’s leading real estate development companies, a role she held for two years before joining the Lagos Court of Arbitration as the General Counsel. Funmi transitioned to the role of Chief Executive Officer of LACIAC in January 2018.

As a member of various arbitration institutions both international and regional she is actively involved in the promotion of arbitration across Africa and is a regular speaker at conferences. Funmi is desirous of seeing the growth and development of the use of institutional arbitration in Nigeria and on a larger scale across the Region.

Funmi’s published works include: “Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards under Ghana’s new Alternative Dispute Resolution Act” Arbitration Journal, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators UK and “A case for Mediating Monetary Claims Disputes” Daily Guide, Ghana.