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In May 2019, African countries created one of the largest free trade areas in the world after the World Trade organization. As we make history, LACIAC takes a deep dive into the dispute resolution framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). We consider pertinent questions including whether sufficient protection is afforded individuals and firms who will operate in Africa’s free trade zone. Then we offer plausible solutions for strengthening the dispute resolution regime under the Agreement taking into consideration the peculiarity (assets and liabilities) of the African region.

We begin at the genesis of the AfCFTA Agreement. In her article, Naomi Tarawazi explores the journey to creating Africa’s largest free trade zone and the effect of the agreement on the continent, especially on dispute resolution.

With increased trade and investment comes disputes. We focus on the rights of non-state beneficiaries of the AfCFTA Agreement. We draw connections and lessons from how African countries approach investor-trade dispute in Talkmore Chidede’s article.   

Based on these lessons, Tolu Olatunji makes a case on how IT can foster a more effective dispute-resolution procedure under the AfCFTA Agreement.  

In closing, we bring you news updates on arbitration from around Africa.

We hope this Edition provides some useful tips on navigating the dispute-resolution labyrinth of the AfCFTA Agreement and that you enjoy reading it. If you have any feedback on the content of this Edition, please reach out to us.

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