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In Kenya, Arbitration is classified among the mechanisms commonly referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and involves a neutral third party in the settlement of disputes. The Arbitration Act of Kenya, 1995[1] defines arbitration to mean ―any arbitration administered by a permanent arbitral institution or otherwise.[2] This definition has been termed by some scholars as not being an elaborate one and hence regard has to be had to other sources.[3] Arbitration has been described as a private consensual process where parties in dispute agree to present their grievances to a third party for settlement.[4] However, it has also been argued that Kenya‘s Arbitration Act contemplates both institutional and ad hoc arbitration as seen in the definition. Arbitration in Kenya is governed by various laws which include the Constitution[5], The Arbitration Act 1995[6], the Arbitration Rules, Civil Procedure Act[7] and the Civil Procedure Rules 2010[8] . Article 159(2) (c) of the Constitution provides that in the exercise of judicial authority, the Courts and tribunals must be guided by the principle of, inter alia, promotion of alternative forms of dispute resolution (ADR) including reconciliation, mediation, and arbitration.

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